Is your website ready for increased traffic?

Whether you’re in a toilet paper hoarding panic mode or believe this pandemic is a media-induced ploy to control humanity as we know it, there is no debate that the Coronavirus is impacting our way of life in dramatic ways.

More importantly, modes of consumerism and consumption are experiencing extreme shifts during this time. As most people are abandoning their public lives to quarantine in the safety of their homes, many fears arise for brick and mortar business owners about the prosperity of their business in this shifting environment.

Amid this crisis, more than ever before, people are living online: video streaming, online chatting, browsing social media, and online shopping. Now is a better time than any to assess the current architecture of your business and develop plan to take advantage of this new increased online consumerism. Sticky circumstances call for creative solutions and J3media is here to help. Below we’ve outlined some tactics to help your business cope with the effects of this pandemic:

E-Commerce Solutions

You can’t get/spread the virus if you don’t see anyone. Limiting human contact is a must. Now may be a good time to consider moving your business online. Creating E-commerce solutions for your business is a great way to decrease how many hands touch your products, as well as monitor product sanitation. Also a plus – your business is more automated! Whether you want to move every part of your business online or just parts (i.e. customers make online orders and then pick them up in person), we are here to help. J3media can handle everything from online store creation, product fulfillment, shipping and handling.

Don’t have a physical product?

No worries! Skip to the consulting section and learn how J3 can help you.

Online Advertising

Everyone is online right now. Your audience is bigger than ever before. Now is the time to explore how online advertising may benefit your business. J3 can guide you with creating a marketing plan to enhance your online exposure through Google, Facebook, Instagram Ads, etc.

Website Maintenance

If increasing your online presence is a goal for your business, it’s best to have your website in tip-top shape. J3 is here to help with all your website maintenance needs, whether it be verifying that all website business information is correct and up-to-date or sprucing up your website so customers have something pretty to look at during the distress of this COVID-19 outbreak. J3 offers maintenance plans at discounted hourly rates. Please contact us for more info.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What’s the point of having an online business if no one can find you? Most users won’t even navigate past the first search page on Google, so let’s make sure you’re there!  Here at J3media we can analyze your website using our SEO tools and determine what areas of your website need a little SEO TLC.

Page Speed Optimization

The average web user spend about 3 seconds on a page before they decide whether a page is worth staying on. If your website speed is slow, the user will likely leave and never get to see what your business is all about. Making sure your website load speed is as fast as lightning is crucial for having a successful online presence. J3 can provide you with a website speed test, as well as optimize page speed.

Not Sure? – Consult with us

What if my business can’t function online? What if I don’t have a physical product? These are some of the questions that may be running through your mind right now. Have no fear! Here at J3 we have a great group of creative consultants that can help you determine the online possibilities of your business, whether it be restructuring facets of your business to generate revenue online or coming up with new online business all together! Contact us.

J3media would like to give huge thanks to the heroes on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic. We are forever thankful for your work and dedication. Please consider donating or volunteering here: https://covrn.com/