A fun, colorful website that will make your heart happy

J3media is proud to announce the redesign of the Positive Behavioral Services website! With this redesign we got very creative with adding in fun colorful shapes and design features that really put the ‘Positive’ in Positive Behavioral services.

Along with incorporating exciting colors and shapes with this redesign, we also made many changes that involved the structure and functionality of the website. Previously, the PBS website had been a long single page website, but as their company grew, one page just wasn’t cutting it anymore. We wanted to provide them with a website that reflected their work and their growth, so we broke the website into multiple pages and packed in some cool functionality. With their new website they are now able to process all of their client paperwork online through a digital portal, as well as, have potential new employees submit their application right on their website! Fun. Simple. Easy.

Let’s Get Down to Business

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